Naturopathy Spa & Wellness Torrance

Beauty and Health Support to Brighten your Life

Naturopathy Spa & Wellness provides naturopathic and holistic treatments to maintain your beauty and health. By improving your health status and maintaining your beauty, you are giving your whole well being a healthy peace of mind.

Treatments are always done naturally, not only to energize the whole body, but we also incorporate the latest treatments to rejuvenate and to protect the whole body from future damages.

We support the entire condition of the whole body, not only from where you can visibly see, but from where you can’t.

We treat skin condition including fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scars, and saggy skin. We also help you to recover from fatigue and pain, we help you improve your nutritional status, and treat other issues you have.

Our promise to you is to become more beautiful and healthier by giving you the natural glow at Naturopathy Spa & Wellness.

Relax and Comfort during your appointment

Dr.Ozawa 60 minutes Traditional Doctor 15 minutes

The amount of time you can spend for a doctor’s office visit is generally about 15 minutes. In contrast, you can spend a whole hour talking with Dr.Ozawa at our office. Patients have enough time to ask questions to Dr.Ozawa. He will answer all of his patient’s questions during the consultation. Dr.Ozawa will listen carefully to understand the patient’s symptoms, health condition, diet, lifestyle, and stress level to provide the best treatment. There is no need to worry about being rushed for time during an office visit anymore.