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Dr.Eiji Ozawa ND

Dr. Ozawa is a specialist in naturopathic treatment for over sixteen years in Torrance, California. He provides patients comprehensive health care services, including the latest medical aesthetic treatments. Dr. Ozawa says that health is essential for maintaining a youthful mind, body, and appearance. His expertise in Natural medicine and aesthetic medicine is the gold standard. He emphasizes building trust with the patient. He provides treatment and education that will deliver the best results for the patient's desire to stay young and healthy forever. Dr. Ozawa's knowledge of natural remedies has gained the trust of Japanese doctors, such as working as a supervisor on nutrition therapy not only in Los Angeles but also in Japanese aesthetic dermatologist.


Naturopathy Spa & Wellness

Naturopathy Spa & Wellness is a medical spa where you can receive natural remedies and aesthetic medicine in a comfortable atmosphere. With abundant medical knowledge and state-of-the-art beauty equipment, you can relax and receive IV therapy, specialized testing, hormone replacement therapy, and medical esthetics treatments in a calm and peaceful environment at the most affordable cost.

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