Women with Radiant skin from the Iontophoresis Women with Radiant skin from the Iontophoresis

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Iontophoresis is a treatment to deeply penetrate molecules of substances into the skin that ordinarily cannot permeate or be absorbed into the skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and Tranexamic acid, by ionizing the molecules with electric currents. Iontophoresis can penetrate active ingredients like vitamin C, A and Tranexamic acid 30 to 100 times deeper into the skin, so it can diminish pigmentation and wrinkles and regain hydration. To deliver more active ingredients, we will remove the keratins with a peeling before the iontophoresis, and complete the procedure by applying the nourishing and moisturizing oxygen mask. At Naturopathy Spa & Wellness, we have the highly concentrated vitamin C and Tranexamic acid serums specially ordered from Japan to solve any skin concerns.

Tranexamic acid is not very common in the United States yet, but it’s highly effective in improving “Melasma”, a type of pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances and several other factors. Tranexamic acid repairs the denatured collagen and elastin, and prevent deep wrinkles.

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STEP 1Cleanse
STEP 2Peeling
STEP 3Iontophoresis
STEP 4Essential mask
STEP 5Moisturizer

Iontophoresis with Vitamin C is recommended for those with the following issues

  • Acne, Redness from acne scars
  • Excess sebum
  • Enlarged pores
  • Firmness, Glow
  • Dryness, Fine lines caused by Dryness

Iontophoresis with Tranexamic Acid + Vitamin C is recommended to improve the following issues

  • Pigmentation, Dullness, Age spots
  • Melasma:Tranexamic Acid is not that common in the United States yet, but it’s effective in improving “Melasma” which is a type of pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances. Tranexamic Acid will repair the destroyed collagen and elastin, and prevent deep wrinkles.

Iontophoresis with Vitamin A, C, and E is recommended to improve the following issues

  • Skin aging
  • Dryness
  • Age spots caused by Ultraviolet (Sunlight)
  • Enlarged pores

Iontophoresis Before & After

Before / After picture of melasma treatment with Tranexamic acid Iontophoresis
Before / After picture of Age spots treatment with Iontophoresis

Pictures of Tranexamic acid + Vitamin C Treatments


A.Vitamin C helps regenerate collagen and regulates melanin production. By penetrating vitamin C with the Iontophoresis process, it helps regulate excessive sebum production and breaks down active oxygen. This will calm the redness on the skin or acne and tighten the pores.

A.Vitamin A is an essential nutrient in your skin that makes your skin firm and radiant, maintains elasticity, and slows down skin aging. It treats wrinkles by promoting hyaluronic acid production and increase the hydration level of the skin.

A.80% of the cause of skin aging comes from skin exposure to UV light. If you expose your skin to the sun all day, 90% of the vitamin A in the skin will be destroyed, leading to skin aging. In order to restore vitamin A to the normal level, some suggest staying in a dark room for a whole week. Rather than sequestering yourself for a whole week, vitamin iontophoresis can immediately improve the dryness and elasticity of the skin.

A.When your skin lacks nutrients, there could be some occasional reaction like redness if too high a dose of vitamin A is penetrated into the skin. To prevent such a reaction, we gradually increase the amount of vitamin A penetrated.

A.Stimulants like female hormones and UV light activate melanocyte, a cell which creates melanin pigment and causes age spots. Tranexamic acid blocks the activation of melanocyte and prevents melanin production. It also repairs collagen and elastin and prevents the cause of deep wrinkles.

A.At Naturopathy Spa & Wellness, we use the Iontophoresis device, specially ordered from Japan. By utilizing high-frequency and short-pulse electric currents, it diminishes discomfort and irritation to the skin and deeply penetrate the serums.