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I was receiving microneedle RF treatment in Beverly Hills, but I was looking for a salon where I could get the same treatment in the South Bay area. After Dr. Ozawa gave me the treatment, I was delighted to see my face looked at least 5 years younger! Amazing! Another great thing is the service and prices are better than the salon in Beverly Hills. Staffs were all friendly, and I felt very comfortable and satisfied. I will definitely go back to Naturopathy Spa.

Christine Forrest

The wellness spa is clean ,quaint and comfortable. I got a vitamin IV and B12 shot . The front desk representative was courteous, professional and thorough. I would go back and definately recommend this spa and the amazing doctor.

Marina B

I am Dr. Ozawa's patient for more than 10 years. He is a wonderful doctor who always takes care of me and listens to my problem. Thanks to him, my health is always in good. And I liked the new location where he just opened. The Spa is beautiful, and the staff is very kind. I will receive IV therapy once a month, but from now on I will use this location.


I received the PRP therapy and microneedling by Dr.Ozawa, and my acne scars went down dramatically just by 2 sessions. The microneedling didn't hurt at all, unlike the other places. Dr.Ozawa was very professional and the staffs were very kind and treated me well.

Jennifer Dickman

I had several Morpheus8 at this spa a while ago, and this time I tried this Body fx for my love handles. I didn’t see the dramatic change with the very first treatment, but after a couple of treatments, I started to feel lighter and see my ugly fat was going away. After 6 treatments, I’m very satisfied with the result! I will have another treatment for my back fat soon. You might feel some heat and tingling sensation during the procedure, but it was totally bearable.

Sofia Fontaine

I had a great experience and an amazing Forma with Dr. Ozawa at this SPA. I was fully relaxed and painless during the treatment.
After the treatment my skin was the tightening and my face line was lifted up.
I truly could be happier with all of Naturopathy & SPA’s service and amazing staff. I definitely continue my face treatment here!

Cindy Koyama

Forma treatment was so relaxing and satisfying! I had this treatment for tightening my facial skin. I’m happy with the result, especially after my friends said that I looked younger. Plus, I felt safer because the doctor gave me this treatment. I think I’m going to have forma regularly now.

Anber Pereira

I was thinking about having a thread lift before I find out about the microneedling. My husband suggested to have a safer one, and I’m delighted that I chose microneedling. Because the effect is excellent! My face stayed somewhat red for a few days after the treatment, so I suggest you do this before the weekend or vacation. It was a little painful, but the procedure was not long, and the pain disappears once the needling is over. I will definitely go back to this treatment. Thank you, Dr. Ozawa!


Dr. Ozawa proved very knowledgeable - right from my initial phone call to see if he is able to help improve my health - and he consistently improved my health: resolving issues with effective advice, treatments and supplements right from the start.


I was suffering from a long-duration chronic cough from exposure to mold, and structural pain as a result of a fall just days before that had re-activated old injuries. I found my consultation with Dr. Ozawa very instructive, and the treatment for my injuries was marvelous.


Today i went for my B-12 vitamin shots & I really liked the service, I am really satisfied I recommend everyone tries it!

Rocio Madrigal

I'm currently taking laser hair removal service for my face. (Men's hair removal treatment.)
After took 5 times of the services, my beard and the mustache are almost gone. I think Dr. Ozawa knows how to remove the hairs properly. The treatment is very effective.
If you're looking for the Men's hair removal treatment, I totally recommend this place. I'm totally satisfied with the results. Thank you so much always.