Picture of doctor and patient  during  consultation of natural medicine Picture of doctor and patient  during  consultation of natural medicine

Health Consultation

Health Consultation

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About Health consultation

Dr. Ozawa’s method includes diagnosing from the Naturopathic perspective, providing treatments and giving detailed and exhaustive advice, depending on each patient’s current health condition.

He utilizes treatments such as herbal therapy, homeopathy, IV therapy, and physical therapy and also gives advice on how best to manage your diet and lifestyle.

During the consultation, Dr. Ozawa asks each patient about their symptoms, health status, diet, lifestyle, and stress in order to recommend a personalized diet and lifestyle program. Patients will also have the opportunity to ask questions from Dr. Ozawa, and he will provide detailed, explanatory answers during the consultation.

Dr. Ozawa may perform physical exams and order specific tests to better understand the patient’s health profile and condition.

Dr. Ozawa always makes sure to provide the latest information, tests, and treatments. He gives advice and provides treatment tailored to the patient’s health condition based on the knowledge of Naturopathic and Western Medicine.

Schedule for a Free 15 Minute Consultation to ask any questions.

Recommended for those who:

  • Want to treatment based on by integrative medicine
  • Have unknown causes of illness. Worried about future health
  • Want to alleviate physical pain
  • Want to rejuvenate from the inside and outside
  • Want to detox
  • Have concerns about aging, such as hormonal issues
  • Want to review their diet and lifestyle to be healthy
  • Cannot decide what supplements or herbs to take
Picture of Dr.Ozawa and patient during a health consultation of natural medicine

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