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Allergy Testing

Identifying food allergies is a critical step in a holistic approach to ill health and its prevention.

Patients with puzzling symptoms or poor response to treatment may recover amazingly within a week-long diagnostic Elimination Diet.

Symptoms of food allergies:

Immediate reactions (IgE antibodies)

Hives, Wheezing, Rhinorrhea, Vomiting, Anaphylaxis

Delayed reactions or Non-obvious chronic symptoms(IgG antibodies)

Headache, Digestive problems, Musculoskeletal symptoms, Eczema, Psoriasis

The allergy test we do measures both IgE and IgG antibodies by drawing blood.

The allergy test is recommended for those with (Symptoms):

Depression, Chronic fatigue, Allergic rhinitis, Migraine headache, Autoimmune disease, Asthma, Eczema, Autism, Canker sores, Epilepsy, SIBO, Candidiasis, Leaky gut, IBS, Multiple sclerosis, Otitis media, Peptic ulcer, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Urticaria, ADD/ ADHD, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease

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Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Measure ALL the risk factors of Cardiovascular diseases

Measures ALL the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.
Standard cholesterol testing only gives you part of the picture. "Normal" cholesterol numbers from those tests can still mean you are at risk for a heart attack. In fact, 50% of people with “Normal” cholesterol levels became victims of a heart attack.

We offer advanced lipoprotein testing (cardiovascular risk assessment) which is the only test that identifies all the risk factors that are responsible for many individuals being at risk of cardiovascular disease. It can even measure inflammatory markers, heart function, genetic markers, metabolic markers, and omega-3 index.

The Cardiovascular Risk Assessment is recommended for those with (Symptoms):

Family history of heart disease or diabetes, Diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes, Taking Cholesterol lowering medication, Diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, Overweight, Low HDL (Good cholesterol), High LDL (Bad cholesterol), High triglycerides

Micronutrient Testing

Micronutrient deficiencies TODAY = chronic disease and illness in FUTURE

Each micronutrient plays an important role in promoting optimal functioning in all of our cells.

People taking multivitamins can yet struggle with deficiencies due to:

Metabolic and Biochemical Individuality, Absorption capacity, Chronic illness, Aging and Lifestyle

The blood drawing test we offer is the only one which takes the above factors into consideration, to identify your baseline nutrient status. It can reveal a person's functional nutritional status over a much longer period of time than traditional serum testing.

The micronutrient test is recommended for those with (Symptoms):

Diabetes, Migraines, Fatigue, Mood disorders, Hypertension, Inflammation, Stress tolerance, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic disease, Skin problems, Dry skin, Advanced age, Long-term medication use, Digestive problems, Poor diet, Athletes, Vegetarians, Vegans

Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium may enter the human body through food, water, air or absorption through the skin in pharmaceutical, industrial, or residential settings. There are 35 metals that concern us and large amounts of any of them can cause acute or chronic poisoning.

Effects of Heavy metal toxicity

  • Damage or reduce mental and central nervous function
  • Lower energy level
  • Damages blood composition, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs

Effects of Long-term exposure to Heavy metal

  • Slows down the progress of physical, muscular, and neurological deteriorating processes that mimic Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Cause Allergies
  • Cause Cancer

There are 2 types of tests

  • Hair mineral analysis: Analyzes the amount of various toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum which have been pulled out of the body through the hair.
  • Challenge test: Measures and analyzes the levels of toxic metals in your urine following the administration of a metal detoxification agent.

The heavy metal test is recommended for those with (Symptoms):

Lethargy, Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Nervousness, Emotional instability, Impaired cognitive, motor, and language skills, Learning difficulties, Insomnia

Adrenal Stress Testing

About the Adrenal Hormones

The adrenal hormones (like cortisols) function to influence: Metabolism, Thyroid Function, Anti-inflammatory Response, Resistance to Stress.

About Cortisol

Many of cortisol's physical actions are geared toward the mobilization of reserves. Cortisol is released in large amounts in response to physical, physiological, and/or psychological stress. When stressors persist, the secretion of cortisol can be extended, leading to the dysfunction of the adrenal gland.

Negative Effects of Excess cortisol

Bone and Muscle Tissue, Thyroid Function, Cardiovascular Function, Weight Control, Sleep, Glucose Regulation, Immune Defense, Aging.

The Adrenal Stress Test is a powerful and precise noninvasive salivary test that evaluates bioactive levels of the body's important stress hormones.

The adrenal stress test is recommended for those with (Symptoms):

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic fatigue, Menstrual Problems,Obesity, Blood sugar problem, Allergies, Arthritis

Female & Male Hormone panel

About Female & Male Hormone (Steroid Hormone testing)

Hormones influence all aspects of health and disease - mood, sleep, metabolism, immunity, heart health, and appearance. An imbalance of one hormone can bring about various events that alter other hormones, so a comprehensive look at hormone status is key.

Immediate reactions (IgE antibodies)

Recent developments in natural hormone replacement therapies such as:

  1. Available over-the-counter (Pregnenolone, DHEA, Progesterone)
  2. Available by prescription (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone)

have led to new applications for sex steroid hormone testing.
Comprehensive hormone profiles are used as an essential part of natural hormone replacement therapy, including diagnosis.

The female and male hormone is measured by the saliva test and blood test.

The female & male hormone panel is recommended for thoose with (Symptoms):

Menopausal symptoms, Low Libido, Reduced Muscle Mass, Emotional stress, Excessive hair growth, Hormonal imbalance, Monitoring bio-identical hormone replacement, Chronic fatigue, Breast lesions, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis.

Complete Digestion and Stool Analysis

The Complete Digestion and Stool Analysis (CSDA) is a diagnostic tool that every person should be aware of. In fact, all aspects of our health depend on the right nutrients and their digestion. Oftentimes, a dysfunctional gut can be overlooked to be the cause of any given health problem - either directly or indirectly.

Advantages of CSDA (Complete Digestion and Stool Analysis)

Generally, the CSDA is useful for assessing the digestive and absorptive capacities of the gut and for the identification of pathological states. Specifically, the test may provide useful information in the following areas: leaky gut, food allergies, gastric acidity, liver detox function, presence of inflammation or cancer, and the microbial status of the colon.

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