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Dr.Ozawa’s Weight Loss Program

Two key components in a successful weight loss program are diet and exercise. At Naturopathy Spa and Wellness, we understand that it may be difficult to manage your weight on your own. Dr. Ozawa can aid you on your weight loss journey by checking your hormone levels and giving you nutritional balance advice that matches your personal diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Ozawa’s support helps all of his patients lose weight effectively. Dr. Ozawa’s program includes detox, supplements, and injections that can help patients burn fat more effectively. It is a great program for patients who wish to improve their health conditions by managing their weight.

Recommended for those who wants to:

  • Lose weight
  • Get beautiful skin
  • Fight against age
  • Control blood pressure
  • Relieve joint pain

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Non-Surgical Fat Removal Body FX

Dr.Ozawa’s Detox Program for you

Dr. Ozawa will begin with a consultation in order to gather adequate information about your body. Next, he prescribes and coordinates the most appropriate detox program for you by working on diet therapy, supplements, chelation, lymph drainage and so on.

Why we NEED to think about “Detox”

The environment is being polluted daily as industry develops and expands. Our bodies are in danger of imbibing numerous chemical substances from environmental pollution. It is said that 25% of American citizens have health problems caused by heavy metal pollution.

Damage is also being done by artificial additives in food, chemical solutions found in everyday activities such as dry cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, etc. which leads to the mental and nervous system disorders.

In addition to environmental pollution, alcohol consumption, smoking, and medication can damage your body. Detoxification of the body places a heavy burden on the body organs, especially the liver.

For the liver and other organs to detoxify these toxins effectively, you need to take the essential nutrients. Herbs and herbal medicines can also support the detoxification process.

Bad eating habits, excess fat and sugar consumption, consuming meat products full of antibiotics and hormones also place a huge burden on your body. For example, bad eating habits encourage the overgrowth of bad intestinal bacteria and cause various symptoms such as allergy, stomach flu, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disease.

The impact of allergies and environmental contaminants in food, water, and environment on our health has been widely acknowledged by studies and research.

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